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Casey Gervig

Essential Oils, Sound healing, Vibrational healing, and Bodywork.

I am an intuitive healer of the human being, and can provide hands on energy work to assist with the flow of energy within the body. Any imbalance in the body can be linked to some sort of blockage or restriction of the body’s natural energetic flow. Together we can pinpoint, open and readjust your energetic pathways for long lasting energetic harmony and well being.

Addictive Behavior and Drug Addiction Healing

At the root of any behavior that does not serve oneself is an anxiety, or an uncomfortability that craves outside stimulation.  Needing something outside the self can lead to all sorts of situations that only temporarily cover up what is really lying beneath the surface.  The human brain has been wired this way and the parts of the brain responsible for telling you “no that’s not a good idea” are over run by the parts of the brain that tell you “yes, that always feels good do it, do it!”  This can leave you feeling powerless, and to some extent you are at the mercy of your corrupted brain circuitry.  When we work together, my intention is to help you discover an awareness of the core feelings and actions that lead you down the path of relapse, and to help you rewire your brain circuitry to realign with your highest and best potential.

My Offerings: 

One on One Session:  We work together to define and understand who you really are and why you've come here.  These sessions can be focused on understanding addictive habits or general coaching.  Most of the time I will get insights from your guides and I will share these with you during the sessions.  It is a great idea to set an intention for each of these sessions because that allows the guides to "compile" the collective data necessary to carry out your intention.  We can meet in person OR via Skype.

Essential Oil Consultation: I use DoTerra essential oils and have found many treatments to be extremely helpful during various states of our human evolution and expansion.  Let me know what's going on, and I can help you find an oil blend to use to get the most out of your self discovery and expansion process.  This is typically a part of my 1 on 1 coaching sessions, but if you just want to learn about oils and how they can help you let's do an oil consultation!  These consultations can be done in person or via Skype.

Group Zoom Meeting Essential Oil Support: In these bi-monthly support calls I will offer personalized intuitive essential oil blends and protocol recommendations. Calls will be about 1 hour, I’ll share a little bit about things that I am experiencing and any oils which have been exciting and, or inspiring, then I’ll open the room to sharing and questions. Feel free to ask anything you want! Together we will build our collective apothecary wisdom. Click here to join the email list for invites!

Sound and Energy Healing Hands on Bodywork Session: These sessions are done in person, I'll connect to your being and get a feel for what areas of the body may have some blockages or stored traumas.  I will receive messages about your current life cycle and possibly past lives.  Using essential oils, a full length far infrared and crystal healing mat and massage we begin to allow the energies within to flow and nourish as they were intended to.  Many great insights come through during these sessions, and I will share these with you.  Examples of these insights include: breathing techniques, stretches, meditations, visualizations, and messages from your guides.  These sessions are only available in person at this time.  Remote energy healing sessions ARE possible, but ONLY after we have met in person.

A Bit About My Journey:

While I have spent most of my life obsessing about sports cars and driving at the limit, I have recently embarked on a spiritual journey which has shattered the foundation of what seemed like a life that was all set up, nothing left to worry about.  Yes, I had made it as a Porsche mechanic, and made quite the reputation as a diagnostic whiz when it came to Porsche and BMW cars.  This became who I was going to be for the rest of my life. Until 2012 or so I was quite happy with that!  I was all set up to buy a well known Porsche shop, I could run with no problem, money would never be an issue again, and the cars and customers would benefit from visits to the shop.  That was all I really wanted, you see I never did that job for the money, I did it for the cars!

My spiritual journey had led me to quit the shop and move to Johnson City Texas, a beautiful retreat where I could relax, do outdoor work and enrich my mind with positive and uplifting books, talks, and meditation amongst nature.  I lived on a picturesque  26 acre ranch, with beautiful mesquite trees, sheep, a miniature donkey named Sophia, and 2 horses.  The property, perched on the Pedernales river was a natural wonderland where I could connect with the earth, and reconnect with myself.  While there, I began to create the life I wanted to live, and I was blown away how quickly it started to manifest!!!  I left the shop in October 2014, I had secured what I thought at the time was my dream job as a private mechanic to a small collection of cars, in December 2014, and then on a group trip to New Orleans only two weeks later, for New Years, I met the man of my dreams, and in April the following year, I moved back to CA to start my job and continue my spiritual journey with my love Gage, who was also amidst a spiritual awakening and journey.  I am so grateful that the stars aligned and we met when we did!  We gave each other permission to be ourselves, and within the first two years we transformed rapidly, and the beautiful thing was that we transformed together.  What I am getting at is WE CAN CREATE ANYTHING WE WANT!  About 2 years after we met we took another big step in our journeys, we enrolled in Ray Maor’s amazing 10 day process initiation into the Pranic lifestyle.  This is where it got very interesting...during the fasting and one of the guided meditations that Ray led, we met our guides and were able to ask them whatever we wanted!  So brazenly I decided to go big and ask, what is my purpose here on Earth?  I was not prepared for what came next, I was thinking that my purpose, given my naturally bubbly personality was simply to raise the vibration of the planet one person at a time.  Which in hindsight is exactly what I will do through the work that will follow this moment 12:03pm on 9/3/17 on a hot humid day in beautiful Redondo Beach.  My guides told me that my purpose here IS to work with those struggling with addiction or addictive behaviors.  Ok...I thought, hmmm wasn’t what I expected, but I would never argue with my guides!  (they have clearly kept me on the planet through many should’ve died moments)  I began to see a movie in my mind of all the things that I had experienced in my life that were of value to this new mission. Using drugs, being gay, hiding my true feelings from the world and many other specific pictures flashed through my mind.  It went on much longer than it needed to, to the point that I was laughing out loud thinking “OK, I get it!”  So here we are, using the connection between my guides non physical energies, and my higher self, I set off to help those who wonder, why do I always do that?  Why do I continue to use that drug even though I don’t enjoy it anymore?  Why do I lie constantly even when I don’t have to?  Why do I eat 15 cookies after that first one tasted sooooo good?  Why can’t I quit smoking, or watching porn, or smoking while watching porn?  Haha.  Why can’t I be serious?  Why do I self sabotage my healthy relationships in favor of ones that I know will never last?  These and many other questions plague the minds of those struggling with addictions of any kind.  We may trade one addiction for another or even get sober only to end up re engaging with whatever behavior we struggle with changing.  

A Bit About My Addictive Habits Treatment:

If we are working on a drug addiction I find a minimum of 30 days clean time, is recommended (but NOT required) before your first session.  It is necessary to have the ability to ponder your thoughts and behaviors, and this comes with a certain amount of time away from the behavior, or drug of choice. The MOST important thing is that YOU are willing AND ready to heal and create a new vibrant and alive version of you!