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Gage Gorman

Authenticity Mentor, Holistic Life Coach, Intuitive Channeler and Human Design Navigator

You chose to come here, to planet earth. You chose this exact time, this exact space and this exact reality, knowing full well what was (is) occurring on this planet. You knew the challenges and temptations you would encounter in your personal life. You set a goal for yourself, that goal is one of the purpose's of life. The goal is to remember who you are. How? Through authentic: love (of self first and then others), compassion (of self first and then others) forgiveness (of self first and then others), and fun.  
-- You may have a lot of crap in the way, clogging up your pipeline to get this remembrance. You can get pieces of remembrance (a.k.a. enlightenment) with lots of meditation and alone time (some get fragmented glimpses with drugs). You can get more often, more clear and easily obtainable remembrances, through clearing out the clogged pipeline. This process can be painful and hard, because you really have to face yourself. When we really face ourselves our ego flares up and challenges us. The strength to love, and forgive the ego, as we take power of the ego, comes from our ability to have strength, true strength!  In love for ourselves and knowing that it was okay to be wrong, mislead, confused, mean, "bad," and again wrong. It's okay!, because we forgive ourselves -- in love and compassion. This creates clearing in the pipeline and as things clear we will "feel" those things. This is where mindfulness comes in. When we feel a feeling, first ask ourselves why this feeling? Why now? Is there a logical reason for this feeling now? If not, then ask when? A memory will come -- have love and compassion for yourself and everyone involved in the memory (it's the past, but you're holding on to it and that "infects" you, still, in the now). Then breath out that memory into the love you have for yourself and let it go --- and that is how you clear your pipeline.

Received & Translated by Gage Gorman

Is a session together good timing for you?:

Each of us comes here for a particular reason.  On our authentic journey we flourish and expand.  During your session we spend our time together discovering where you are now, where you want to go and how to get there.  I act as a guide working with each of our Higher Selfs, I also channel the Pleiadian Alliance.   This session is for your time to connect with you and I assist you, where assistance is needed.  

Depending on where you are in our authentic journey will depend on what your session is like.    There is no pre work for the session, other than you are open and willing for your authentic life.    This is a whole life change and awakening experience on many levels:  Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Educational, Discovery.   This is a dedication to yourself, to your Soul, to you as a whole being during this time, space and reality.  

About Gage:

An intuitive who works with my Higher Self and the Pleiadian Alliance.  I've been working with spirit since I was a child.  A Channeler, Healer, Medium and Guide for Self and Other Selves (a.k.a. Others).    

I grew up in an economically low yet spiritually high vibrational home.   I was partially raised by my Grandma, she taught me how to be practical, and my parents taught and guided me with spirituality, and being true to myself .   I was always eager to attend church with my friends, and to weave my own belief of what was truth, and what was not truth.   I was, and still am, able to feel when others are being authentic when speaking.   Through the years of attending many churches, temples, worships, synagogues, and gatherings, I noticed my awareness of the world was growing and expanding and I was feeling and seeing things on many planes of existence.  

I started to notice in High School how to couple spirituality with practicality, to bring a balance of love, kindness, compassion, and honesty to business.   This practice fueled the achievement of my goals in many aspects of my life.  Growing, the balance of love, kindness, compassion and honesty, through college and beyond, I wanted to have a more financial prosperous life than that of my parents, so I strived to make money.  Since making money was my primary goal for some years, I took jobs I was not always happy with the tasks, though I did find many other souls that I had exchanged growth in myself and in them along the way with the gift of vibrational awareness.  I remain grateful for the journey and lessons I've learned and experienced with the guidance of Source. 

Finding that the the desire to connect with my Higher Self became strong and the connection grew significantly more in 2012 and again in 2016, to a point of no turning back, I decided to share with others who I am, be authentic with who I am and allow this gift to be shared with others to aide them in finding their authentic paths.   When someone is ready, I can receive their messages from their Higher Self (spirit) and guide them along their way to their true calling, who they are, their authenticity.  This is different for each of us and thus the tools are different for each of us too.  I am able to receive the tools for each soul I work with and provide guidance on how to access those tools so that soul can grow authentically. 

  • Pranayama Breathing Techniques

  • Human Circuitry Architect and Repairer

  • Mentor

  • Speaker

  • Intuitive Awareness

  • 300 hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Trained

  • Breatharian Initiate

  • Channeler



Private One on One Session:   A one hour session focused on you.  (In Person, Video Conference or Phone) We will spend this time together to get you to the next step that you authentically desire in your life and to achieve your goals.  If you don't know what you desire, we will spend this time together to find your authentic desire for you. 

Circuitry Scan and Alignment Session:  This session can be private or a small group (in person).  Session time is one hour.   During this session I (Gage) will channel into your body and see and connect with your circuitry, also known as meridians, I will then work with both of our Higher Selfs and realign the circuitry you are ready to process. When we realign circuitry this will change the way you process and see things in your life.   This will stir up old programming which no longer serves you and this will allow your human vessel to upgrade and enhance.  Depending on where your circuitry is currently will depend on how much we can realign in each session and how often.  It is recommended to work with Gage in private sessions after circuitry realignment to assist in the process after the circuitry changes.  This is not a requirement, only a recommendation.   A private session prior to a circuitry session could be helpful, as then Gage can give you an idea of what to expect based on where you are.    

Channeled Reading:  30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minute channeled readings are available.  During this time I connect with our Higher Self's and act as a medium of communication to you.  This is similar to how a private session works, but is more directed in providing you information and less about doing the work together to get you to the next step. You will be provided with the tools and instructions and you to then go and do the work in your own time and space.  

Question and Answer Group Session:    This session can be private or small group or public speaking.  This can be in person or via Skype.   During this time any questions can be asked and the answers will be channeled and provided.  Contact directly for details and setting up a session.  

Available for Public Speaking Engagements:  Contact directly for booking.


Many things can be said about intuitive channeling, but Gage has a unique ability to see past layers and into whatever is real. He can discern between the layers and find where needs to be addressed. He hears the truth through the stories, he sees reality through the illusion and brings fourth the person you truly are in the world as it really is.

My experience with Gage happened over skype, though I have spent time with him in person as well. He is bold and unwavering in his knowledge and this is clear from the first meeting. He holds an energetic weight that brought me down into my shadows, while holding space in the light to be able to navigate in the dark. Connected seems to simple a word to describe his presence. He is solid and clear, and uses no tricks or gambits to hide behind. He is an upfront and honest healer.

He channels the Pleiadians, his Higher self and his Intuitive self, leaving his own personality out of the conversation. I have scarcely felt so acknowledged as an entire being. He told me about my soul family, my purpose in life, my dramas that I act out and yet presumed nothing that was not evident. He presented only that which was available to him. My eyes have continued to be widened from my interactions with Gage and I highly recommend employing his skills.

- Reiss

I was struggling with intense disabling physical problems and a gnawing frustration with watching corrupt underground political action taking place. I had personally experienced terrible care within the US Health Care System and began to do some research about the roots of the Medical/Pharmaceutical/Insurance Industry.  I was just trying to survive and really was unconcerned with Politics but I could also see that everything came back to connect to “Politics”. I did a lot of reading and finally came to the conclusion that nothing was as I had been taught, and that I knew nothing about what was really happening around me and that was very frustrating. Then I met Gage. In his authentic way, he helped me see that nothing is as it appears and that there is so much more available to me to learn and experience, in ways I would have never thought of. After a session with him, so many things came together for me- like years and years of research that fell into place. I am so grateful for what Gage opened up for me. My life has been full of many difficulties and my inspiration was an inner sense that there was a purpose for all the struggles. Gage made a bigger connection to that purpose and to my true spiritual calling than what I had known, after a lifetime of spiritual searching. Gage has been available for assistance, as I work through the physical symptoms that have disabled me. I realize that my previous spiritual steps prepared me for what Gage shared with me but it was his kind, generous spirit which welcomed me into a new understanding of what life is meant to be.   

-Tracy  e-mail