Introduction to Offerings

Our intention when in session is to provide this time and space for you to express yourself, go inward, reflect, process and grow. We recommend that you book first time sessions for 2 hours, if you are not able to do so, then 1 hour will serve too.

We offer many articles, recordings and recommendations at no request for exchange.  We offer personal one on one sessions, based on our desire to do them and the soul requesting's authentic desire to remember, be authentic, heal and be a sovereign sentient being.  Love yourself and be authentic to yourself, that is best results we can see from what we offer.   We offer the personal sessions for those who want-need assistance with their awakening and authenticity of themselves or for expansion of remembering (aka learning), this journey can be done using your own inner guidance system and there are no requirements that someone else is needed or that a personal one on one session is needed.   Sessions can be helpful and speed up the time of the journey of remembering and authenticity and if you feel a personal one on one session or group session would benefit you and is wanted-needed, reach out and we can discuss.

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Personal One on One Session:   A session focused on you.  (In Person, Video Conference or Phone) We will spend this time together to get you to the next step that you authentically desire in your life and to achieve your goals.  If you don't know what you desire, we will spend this time together to find your authentic desire for you. First time sessions, I recommend a 120 minute booking. 

Exchange of Appreciation: $145.00 USD per 60 Minutes. Minimum time 60 Minutes.

Circuitry Scan and Alignment Session:  This session can be private or a small group (in person).  Session time is as long it takes, up to 1.5 hours maximum.   During this session I (Gage) will channel into your body and see and connect with your circuitry, also known as meridians, I will then work with both of our Higher Selfs and realign the circuitry you are ready to process. When we realign circuitry this will change the way you process and see things in your life.   This will stir up old programming which no longer serves you and this will allow your human vessel to upgrade and enhance.  Depending on where your circuitry is currently will depend on how much we can realign in each session and how often.  It is recommended to work with Gage in personal sessions after circuitry realignment to assist in the process after the circuitry changes.  This is not a requirement, only a recommendation.   A personal one on one session prior to a circuitry session is necessary, as then Gage can give you an idea of what to expect based on where you are. A personal one on one session after is also necessary.    

Exchange of Appreciation for Circuitry Work:  $450.00 USD per session.

(plus one session prior and one session following - not included in $$)

At-Home Immersion:

1 month at home online/phone interactive one on one Immersion with Gage & Casey both. This includes 30 hours minimum of personal one on one time with Gage and/or Casey throughout your one month process. This is an immersion into yourself as we explore together what is holding you back and work together to remove blockages and pioneer into your remembering of who you are, why you are here and what you can do to be in your authentic alignment. This time can also be used to explore and expand your consciousness when all the blockages are cleared and you’re ready to expand. You will receive priority bookings, ad-hoc support, email support, morning and evening check in’s when necessary, plus your sessions:

Exchange of Appreciation: $6,500.00 USD.

Personal One on One Session:  We work together to define and understand who you really are and why you've come here.  These sessions can be focused on understanding addictive habits or general coaching.  Most of the time I will get insights from your Higher Self and I will share these with you during the sessions.  It is a great idea to set an intention for each of these sessions because that allows the guides to "compile" the collective data necessary to carry out your intention.  We can meet in person OR via Zoom.

Exchange of Appreciation: $145.00 USD per 60 Minutes.

Energy Activation Hands On Session (Body Work): These sessions are done in person, I'll connect to your being and get a feel for what areas of the body may have some blockages or stored traumas.  I will receive messages about your current life cycle and possibly past lives.  Using essential oils, a full length far infrared and crystal healing mat, tuning forks, sound healing and light massage we begin to allow the energies within to flow and nourish as they were intended to.  Many great insights come through during these sessions, and I will share these with you.  Examples of these insights include: breathing techniques, stretches, meditations, visualizations, and messages from your guides.  These sessions are only available in person at this time.  Remote energy healing sessions ARE possible, but ONLY after we have met in person.

Exchange of Appreciation for in Person Body Work Session: $480.00 USD (Inclusive of essential oils).

(Session will be at least 1 hour and could be up to 3 hours) ($450.00 if no essential oils are used or you bring your own essential oils).

Personal Essential Oil Consultation: I use doTERRA essential oils and have found many treatments to be extremely helpful during various states of our human evolution and expansion.  Let me know what's going on, and I can help you find an oil blend to use to get the most out of your self discovery and expansion process.  This is typically a part of my 1 on 1 coaching sessions, but if you just want to learn about oils and how they can help you let's do an oil consultation!  These consultations can be done in person or via Zoom.

Exchange of Appreciation: $75.00 USD for 30 minutes. & $145.00 USD for 60 Minutes.

-- One Free if doTERRA sign up with monthly enrollment within the EIE downline 

Group Zoom Meeting Essential Oil Support: In these bi-monthly (most often weekly) support calls I will offer personalized intuitive essential oil blends and protocol recommendations. Calls will be about 1 hour, I’ll share a little bit about things that I am experiencing and any oils which have been exciting and, or inspiring, then I’ll open the room to sharing and questions. Feel free to ask anything you want! Together we will build our collective apothecary wisdom.

Suggested Exchange of Appreciation: $15 USD, all members of our doTERRA downline with active LRP templates set up attend at NO Ask of Exchange of Appreciation Sign up below to receive emails letting you know when the next meeting is!

Via email:

This is a customized experience of full immersion for yourself with Gage, Casey and Zachy where you’ll travel to Mount Shasta CA and stay at the retreat center and academy on the magical and transformational grounds available for the souls ready to journey deeper into who and what you (we) are and why you (we) are here. This is personalized for you.  

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Exchange of Appreciation varies based on the array of options you choose from.

This is a customized experience of an immersion in your own space with daily interaction with Gage and/or Casey. The daily interaction could be email or in person. Our time together would include a minimum 40 hours of session time. We meditate together and Gage and Casey both hold space for you while you go through your process. This process can include a circuitry session , inclusive in your two month package. Email Gage for more details.

Exchange of Appreciation $6,500.00 USD

Two Month at Home Immersion of Self

We ask that you inform us at least 24 hours in advance of any need to cancel or reschedule your session. Sessions which are a no show, we will ask that you still provide the agreed upon exchange of currency for the scheduled time.