Energy is Everything EIE Retreat Center Mount Shasta, CA

The Energy is Everything Philosophy

The energy you put in to a process has a direct relationship to the results you will achieve. Have you ever had a meal that was prepared by a loved one, and you have an experience where it is better than any time you have ever made it for yourself?  What was the difference? They used the same peanut butter and jelly, same bread, but you can taste a definite difference!!  Why do you suppose that happens?  

It is the energy which your loved one has put into the entire process of making the sandwich.  They asked you lovingly: "Baby can I get you anything?"  "Oh I'd love a bowl of guacamole" you say.  They lovingly set off, with the intent of pleasing you, into the kitchen they go and each ingredient was chopped and added with love and care from the beginning to the end, even the napkin is folded and placed next to the bowl of guacamole with love.  It pleases us to prepare something in this way, and the result is the most amazing experience you've had so far.  

This is energy, and this dear friends is why we believe Energy is Everything.

Our guidance comes from this same place of love and success.  We will help you learn how to authentically keep your vibration high, so that all of your actions are carried out with love and the intention of the specific type of success you wish to achieve.  In other words, we teach you how to connect with your success.

Energy is Everything is a space for living an authentically amazing life. We provide guidance and information to assist anyone who is ready to be authentic with themselves.  When we are authentic with ourselves, we can be truly happy.  Happiness comes when we are doing what it is that we want to do, and in order to know what we truly want to do, we must know who we are...

Personal Growth is Eternal, Personal and Evolving 

At times it may seem as though things are not working out exactly the way you envision them, or things ARE working out exactly like you’ve asked, but something still doesn’t feel just right.  We spend our time together finding the core of why and then clearly changing things to work out for you, the way you envision.

Is a one on one session right for you right now?  Are you serious about living a fulfilling, happy, and authentic life?  Do you feel a desire to be more, and to discover who you really are?  Are you ready to find and explore your personal superpowers?  Do you want to embrace who you really are, and be your authentic self?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, a one on one session would be of great value to you.  Even if you have not yet made it to this level of thought, but are sick and tired in one way or another, we will mentor you so that you shift your focus, to a new and hopeful perspective.

Our time together is spent in-person, or using video conferencing (Zoom).  Everything we talk about is 100% confidential.  This is a safe place for you to share your deepest fears and desires.   You will want to meditate for 10-25 minutes prior to our session. Set an intention before you meditate, ask that the meditation calm your body, mind, and spirit to prepare you to get the most out of your one on one sessions.  This time together is purely focused on you, and your dreams for the future.


Here are three steps we will use:

  1. We will work together to find core blockages which are holding you back in life, we may not be aware of a debilitating core blockage that is keeping your dreams at a distance. These blockages could be beliefs, or things that we experienced when we were children, and we’re unable or unwilling to process through, due to our age and situations.  Now that we’re adults, we can make links between current behaviors and core issues.  We then work through and process those core issues through recognition, embrace & understanding, appreciation, location in body, ease (breathing a.k.a. pranayama work), transform and move forward with increased awareness and a more open emotional guidance system.  

  2. We will work with the emotional guidance system to interpret your feelings and how to use all feelings for guidance.  We will also give names to each emotion, and help more clearly define the emotional portion of the emotional guidance system.

  3. We build your sessions based on your desires from this period forward. We focus on exactly what it is that you’re wanting, now that you’ve accomplished steps one and two, your emotional guidance system is clear and free flowing and that allows you to manifest your desires with speed and accuracy.